• World Travel Market London 2015

  • International French Travel Market (Top Resa) Paris

  • Anglo Mauritian Disability Link 15th Anniversarry

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46th Years since Mauritius obtain freedom from Great Britain

Category: Events in UK

Small Medium Enterprise Mauritius in UK for networking

Category: Events in UK

Promoting Mauritius Tourism in UK and Europe

Category: Events in UK

Mr and Miss England attended the Mauritian Open Air Festival in the north of London before they embark on their...

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London Finals

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FIK 2015, 30 mins Film Documentary

Category: Documentary

Anglo Mauritian Disability Link  15th Anniversarry

Category: Events in UK

World Travel Market London, 2014

Category: Events in UK

International French Travel Market (Top Resa) Paris

Category: Events in UK

World Travel Market London 2015

Category: Events in UK

The Mauritian destination revives the quality of flights over Germany and Austria, "announced Deputy Prime Minister...

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Embark on a couple’s journey of adventure and surreal beauty as they begin their life long journey of marriage on the...

Category: Weddings & Honeymoon

A world far away in the Indian Ocean… A woman embarks on a journey on Paradise Island. Explore her emotions of...

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Dj Lucca - White Beach Sensation Party - Ile Aux Cerfs MAURITIUS 21.1.2012

Category: Comedy

Restoring the Mauritian ecosystem | Natural History Museum

Category: TV Serials & Shows

Discover Mauritius An Island Of Emotion - Unravel Travel TV

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